Cypress Cay Pontoon Boat Construction


The pontoons of yesteryear are long gone. In their place is Cypress Cay--a spacious, safe cruising platform with the power, control and agility of a sport boat. Where other boats struggle, Cypress Cay pontoons thrive. Select one of Cypress Cay's performance packages for even more robust power, effortless handling, and the ability to cut through rough chop. Tight corners? No problem. Blazing speeds? You bet. Thrilling watersports? Bring it on. Take a look at the components behind Cypress Cay's dynamic performance packages, and let your on-water cruises take flight.

Advanced Pontoon Construction

> Advanced Pontoon Construction

Dolphin Nose Cone Design

  • Exclusive 2-piece nose cone with integrated splash fin is both attractive & designed to perform *
  • Cruises through water with ease & efficiency
  • Integrated Splash Fin Features:
    • safe & attractive rolled edges
    • higher mounting to be more dock- and trailer-friendly

* Select models feature a modified nose cone

Pontoon Design

  • Large, sealed 25" diameter pontoons
  • Tube sections are crimped to interlock at seams, then welded with a strong, double-layered seam
  • Multiple air-tight pontoon chambers ensure that a pontoon can safely return to the dock if a pontoon gets damaged or takes on water
Superior Brackets & Bracing
  • Cypress Cay Deck Section
  • Typical Deck Section

> Superior Bracket & Bracing

  • Full-length M-brackets* span the length of each tube
    • Unparalleled contact area provides continuous rigidity for floor support
    • Spans the entire length of the deck to avoid twisting & flexing under rough water conditions
    • Precise fastening channels secure the deck to the pontoon

* Standard feature on select models

Brackets and Bracing
Rigid, Watertight Deck Construction

> Rigid, Watertight Deck Construction

  • Strong, secure and watertight deck design
  • 4" to 16" spaced transitioning crossmember structure
    • closer spacing towards the rear of the boat at its power source
    • further spacing towards the front to lighten while maintaining strength

4-Step Under Deck Water Prevention System

  1. Butyl rubber tape is applied between crossmember & deck
  2. Urethane sealant applied between seams
  3. Tongue-and-groove, 7-ply marine-grade pressure-treated deck
  4. Urethane sealant applied to all top seams
  • Custom Tek screws hold deck tight with a friction weld
  • Over 100 screws are used on every deck to ensure a strong watertight bond
Rubrail Deck Protection

> Rubrail Deck Protection

  • 3" deep aluminum rubrail* provides superior deck protection
  • Absorbs unintended impacts without damaging the greater deck structure
  • Easily replaced when damaged
  • Wrap-around corner system eliminates the need for end caps while providing a much stronger corner

* Except Seabreeze

Rubrail Deck Protection


  • Tall paneling to protect passengers and furniture vinyl from the elements
  • Foam layer between fence panel and frames ensure ride is quiet by reducing vibration noise

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