Cayman Series Luxury Pontoons
Cayman Series

The Flagship of Cypress Cay, the Cayman is the ultimate in comfort and ease of use.

Cayman Series

Setting a New Standard for the Active On-Water Lifestyle.

Luxury pontoon boats designed specifically for those who want an active lifestyle on the water without sacrificing comfort and relaxation. Our flagship Cayman Series is again setting new standards for engaging layouts, well-thought-out amenities, serious power and unprecedented comfort. The 23-and 25-foot models each available with a variety of versatile floorplans, boast streamlined fence designs, attractive styling, premium construction, and interiors that are packed with features. For those who seek watersports adventures, there is the, which adds a center pontoon, lifting strakes, skin kit and rough-water capabilities to enhance performance and allow the pontoon boat to carry power up to 400 hp. And there's so much more. With the Cayman Series, you'll quickly discover that our flagship pontoons are a perfect fusion of form and function, and they are limited only by your imagination.

Available Colors:
  • Black Sand
  • True Red
  • Pewter
  • Ocean Blue
  • Electric Blue
  • White Coral
  • Summer Bronze

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