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Pontoon Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips Checklist

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Pontoon Boat Trailer Maintenance Tips

At the beginning of each season it’s a good idea to check your pontoon boat trailer to address any needed trailer maintenance. There are several brands and styles of pontoon boat trailers out there, so you should consult your owner’s manual for specific trailer maintenance recommendations. Below is a general checklist of points to inspect.

1. Wheels, Tires and Axles

  • Visually inspect for tire wear or dry rot
  • Visually inspect for grease seeping from axle seals
  • Check for correct tire air pressure when tires are cold
  • Inflate tires to proper air pressure if needed
  • If trailer is equipped with brakes, verify that brake pads or drums aren’t worn and they function
  • Grease axle bearings if needed
  • Check that wheel lug nuts are tight

2. Boat Trailer Lighting

  • Check that both the right and left indicator lights function
  • Check that brake lights function
  • Check that running lights function
  • Add a little dielectric grease to trailer wiring connector plug if needed (always disconnect plug when trailer is in water)

3. Boat Trailer Hitch and Coupler

  • Double check that your vehicle hitch receiver bolts are tight
  • Double check that you have the correct hitch ball diameter for your trailer’s coupler
  • Verify that the coupler functions as it should when connected to your vehicle
  • Make sure safety chains are crossed in an X-pattern when connected to hitch receiver
  • Insert safety pin in coupler, if applicable
  • Verify lock pin is secured, if you have a swing-away tongue
  • Verify that jack stand is in good condition and functional

4. Winch Stand and Tie Downs

  • Check winch stand bolts are tight
  • Check winch mechanism is working correctly
  • Check for any cuts or tears in winch strap
  • Inspect tie down eyes for cracks or excessive rust
  • Verify boat is strapped down and straps are snug

5. Special Checks for Manually Operated Scissor-lift Pontoon Trailers

  • Check that all counter-weight-springs are in place and not broken
  • Inspect lift cable for excessive wear
  • Verify hoist winch is functioning properly and that the trailer raises and lowers
  • Grease hinges and slide tubes if needed

6. Special Checks for Hydraulically Operated Scissor-lift Pontoon Trailers

  • Make sure battery has a good charge and connections are secure
  • Verify that the hydraulic fluid reservoir is filled to the correct level
  • Verify that the hydraulic pump controller is functioning and the trailer raises and lowers
  • Inspect all lines, hoses and fittings for fluid leaks or cracks
  • Inspect proper clearance between pontoon tubes and tires

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